Secondary (Age 11 - 14)


Secondary Age Group Programmes – Age 11-14   We offer support, resources and equipment for four Secondary Age Group programmes. Each programme has been developed by working closely with children, teachers and experts in each field to provide fun, safe and educationally beneficial activities.

Sportshall Secondary (Age 11 - 13)


Sportshall is an exciting indoor programme of adapted athletics activities. Sportshall provides fun ways to build core skills, gain British Athletics Sportshall Awards and is renowned for its exhilarating team competitions. Sportshall is the top school sports participation competition in the UK.

Secondary Endurance (Age 11 - 14)

Endurance Runner

The Endurance programme offers a focused activity that can be delivered without the need for specialist facilities for any group size. Using innovative activities, awards and competition components endurance activity can be used to improve the base fitness level for a wide variety of different sports. We offer full support and resources for the British Athletics Endurance Awards and exciting endurance competition events such as the World Marathon Challenge.

Secondary Track & Field (Age 11 - 14)


The skills of running, jumping and throwing are presented in a safe and fun way. The English Schools Athletic Association Track and Field Awards form the core of this programme with innovative training and competition formats ideally suited for the secondary ages. The ESAA Awards scheme has now superseded the old British Athletics Award for Track and Field Athletics in England.

Secondary Highland Games (Age 11 - 13)


2DJG4197. CaberThe Highland Games is a fun and exciting introduction to Celtic competition. The programme comprises of 8 events that can be used for individual skills building, gaining awards or exciting team competition. Developed by Sportshall Creator George Bunner MBE in Partnership with Highland Games Champion Graeme Allan, the Highland Games programme has been successfully used as the field events section of the AAAs Tom Pink relays since 2010.