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The Eveque Sportshall Development Team have worked in close partnership with British Athletics to develop the national Secondary athletics awards programme / baseline fitness test. The British Athletics Awards consist of three sections; Sportshall, Endurance and Track and Field.

The British Athletics Sportshall Awards



The British Athletics Sportshall Awards are based on a series of twelve familiar Sportshall activities designed to provide a well-balanced measure of skills and an ideal baseline fitness test. To complete a Sportshall Secondary / High School Athletics Awards, children must complete any 5 events (for a Pentathlon Award) or all 10 Secondary events (for the Decathlon Award). The Sportshall Awards poster (detailing the events) can be found to the right of the page.

The British Athletics Sportshall Award Scheme intends to provide teachers with a framework for curriculum time delivery of Sportshall Athletics and encourages skill development and fitness improvement.


The benefits of the Sportshall Awards scheme:


For Students:

•   Fun to use
•   Students can see their improvement as they rise up the Ladder of Success
•   Skills that need improvement are easily identified
•   Students can gain Awards so they have something to show for their efforts


For Teachers:

•   Easy to use
•   Each child can be given a ‘fitness’ or Award level
•   Can gauge relative fitness level expected for the exact age of the student
•   Rewards act as an incentive for children to improve
•   Fitness level improvement can be monitored for individuals, classes and the entire school
•   Comparisons can be made against the cluster, partnership, county and national averages


For SGOs:

•   Fitness comparisons across clusters, partnerships and counties
•   Can identity schools and cluster which need help
•   Can show where fitness levels are improving
•   Ideal programme for JSLA to get involved in


How to take part:

1.  Set up your Awards session by following the Guidance Notes Document – Sportshall Award Teacher Guidance Notes

2.  Deliver your session and record your results on the Class Spreadsheet to the right of the page

3.  Send your results to to have your results entered in the National Virtual League table

4.  Buy the Awards badges from the link to the right of the page


National Virtual Competition League Table

The Class Spreadsheet automatically calculates a Class Score based on the Top 25 Boys and Top 25 Girls individual event point scores. We will automatically include your classes in the National Virtual League table if you return your completed spreadsheet to us at