The Eveque Sportshall Team offer a broad range of Sportshall event delivery services designed to support the delivery of Sportshall in the curriculum and across Partnerships. Whether it’s a free planning session or the implementation of a complete development programme, the team are ready to assist.

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Development Planning

Let the Eveque Sportshall Team support you in planning your programme. Call the Eveque Sportshall Team to organise a free consultation.

Sportshall Event Days

Ideal for Schools, School Games Organisers or CSPs, Sportshall Event delivery services take the stress out of finding kit, arranging kit transport and then delivering the Sportshall events on the day!

Sportshall Event Days start from £300* per day.


Workshops for Teachers

Experienced tutors are available to lead workshops, each two hours in duration, providing a detailed insight into the teaching, development and delivery of the Sportshall programmes.

•   Workshop 1 – Introducing Sportshall and the Awards
•   Workshop 2 – Sportshall for Young People with Disabilities
•   Workshop 3 – Delivering Sportshall Competitions

More tailored workshops providing elements of any of the workshops are available.

Workshops for Teachers are £50* an hour.


Sportshall Leaders

With an increasing focus on Leadership and Volunteering in schools, the Sportshall Leader course offer sideal preparation for those wishing to lead, officiate or manage Sportshall activities.

Sportshall Leaders Training is £50* an hour.

Leadership resources available in packs of 20 costing £100.00* with tutor packs available free of charge.


Primary School Curriculum Days

The Eveque Sportshall Team can deliver standardised Primary School days based around the Sportshall Awards, Med Ball Challenge, Endurance Awards or can deliver your Sports Day for you.


Event Management and Delivery

The Eveque Sportshall Team have vast experience in delivering a wide range of events including Sportshall Infant Festivals, Awards Festivals, School Sports Days and of course Sportshall Primary and Sportshall Secondary.

All events are costed on an individual basis – contact the team today to discuss your requirements.

* all prices exclude VAT and travel expenses


Event Risk Assessments:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


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