Volunteers are the backbone of Athletics world wide. Without people wiling to measure a Standing Long Jump, Coach the Under 11’s or set out the equipment early in the morning before a race or competition there would be no county leagues, no training sessions and no British Olympic Champions.

Sportshall Associates are hugely indebted to all the Sportshall volunteers past and present who have enabled Sportshall Athletics to become the most popular School Sport Programme in the UK and who continue to be the driving force behind the programmes delivered locally around the country.


Benefits of Volunteering in Sportshall Athletics


Sportshall Volunteers

Sportshall Volunteers

Volunteering in Sportshall Athletics can provide a great opportunity for young people and adults to work in a fun, safe and enjoyable environment. Previous experience is not essential, far more important is enthusiasm and energy.


There is a perception that volunteers in sport already have in depth knowledge and connections to the sport at which they volunteer. Whilst in some circumstances this is true, there are many volunteers in sport who have no previous connections and bring valuable skills to their volunteering roles.

In many cases, Sportshall Athletics provides parents with their first volunteering opportunities in sport. Additionally young people, who may have recently been involved in Sportshall themselves, can enjoy the opportunity to volunteer, coach and officiate in Sportshall Athletics too and give something back to their own coaches and team managers.

Sportshall Athletics is a brilliant environment for volunteers to build important skills with a focus on Fun & Enjoyment of the Sport.  It is widely recognised that volunteering in sport can boost happiness and wellbeing through the involvement.


Get Involved 

If you are interested in volunteering more actively within Sportshall Athletics you can

Opportunities are available on an individual basis for volunteers, young people and students to support our events across the UK. Our team deliver events up and down the UK on a daily basis and volunteers are always welcome so feel free to get in touch.

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There are also limited opportunities for development of staff and we encourage individuals with a good work ethic and current DBS certificate to get in touch with the Sportshall Team.

If you are not a member of a club you can find your local club here. For volunteers not part of a club or involved in athletics there are many opportunities to still get involved with Sportshall Athletics. You may be a media student or studying and are looking for opportunities to develop your own skills which may fit with our events and we would be more than happy to discuss opportunities with you.

Formal Qualifications are also available to those who wish to train and become athletics officials and coaches and further details can be seen on the U Coach website for coaching and on the Home Country Governing Body websites for officials.


Recognition of Volunteers in Sportshall Athletics:


Volunteer Awards

Volunteer Awards

From this year we will be reinstating the Services to Sportshall Award (previously the John Young Award) for Volunteers, Coaches, Officials or anyone who has contributed towards the development of Sportshall Athletics.

We are inviting nominations until 31st March 2019 at which point a panel will select the recipients for the 2018/19 season. The winners will be announced and awards will be presented at the UK Final on 13th/14th April 2019.

Nominations should include a small write-up about the persons engagement with Sportshall alongside ideally a photo as we are keen to include news stories across the year for those nominated.

We look forward to receiving your nominations via email to team@sportshall.org









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