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How does my child get involved in Sportshall Athletics?

Sportshall activity and competition is accessible in the vast majority of Counties both in Schools and in Athletic Clubs. Sportshall is a priority sport for School Games Organisers so each town/area will run a local competition. If your child’s school isn’t taking part the teacher should get in touch and book their competition place with the SGO. Most Counties in England have a grassroots club Sportshall League of some sort for ages 9 – 15. If your child is keen to take part in more Sportshall activity they can join an Athletic Club. Our Sportshall County Coordinators (volunteers) will be able to provide specific details about the activity in your area. For more information don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Sportshall Team.


How does my School get involved in Sportshall Athletics?

The Network of School Games Organisers are proactive in engaging with and providing a series of Sportshall Athletics Competitions. If you know who your School Games Organiser is then it is likely that they will be able to let you know when, where and how to get involved in any upcoming Sportshall Activity. Alternatively, The Sportshall Team can directly deliver the Sportshall Awards, Sports Days and other activity directly within YOUR school.


How does my Club get involved in Sportshall Athletics?

Most Counties in England have a grassroots club Sportshall League. Commonly a League will meet between 3 and 5 times over the Winter months (typically Oct-Mar) with Athletes representing their club. If you club isn’t entering a League please visit THIS page for contact details of the local organiser in your County. If your County does not have an Organiser or if you would like more specific information please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Sportshall Team


What is Sportshall Athletics?

SPORTSHALL ATHLETICS is an indoor form of track and field for children between the ages of 4 and 16. It was created by George Bunner MBE to provide a safe and warm environment for young athletes to train during the cold and dark winter months. Sportshall quickly developed into a new form of team competition and the first ever Sportshall competition took place in 1976 with the annual UK CLUBS CHAMPIONSHIPS being established in 1984. Sportshall Athletics is the largest School Sport programme in the School Games – engaging 2 million children annually.


I am a teacher and I am going to a competition, what do I need?

The key document is the Team Declaration sheet – Primary, Secondary. This is how you can plan which pupils will complete which event (and if you are extremely organised, when). The Team Declaration also details how many athletes you will need for each event and how many events each athlete can complete. You may also wish to print off the Programme / Running Order – Primary, Secondary. All the Level 3 events (County Finals) should run to our standard format (as per linked documents). Some Level 2 events (local rounds) may adapt some of the activities so it is worth checking with your School Games Organiser that they are running the standard format (the vast majority of events do).

Secondary Teacher Downloads

Primary Teacher Downloads 


I am a teacher, how can I prepare the pupils for competition?

There are a number of publications and resources available to help in the delivery or Sportshall Athletics. The Sportshall Awards are ideal to support you pupils in preparation for a competition. Not only does the scheme enable pupils to practice before a competition, it also allows teachers to test the pupils to help with team selection. Additionally, the Sportshall Handbook provides all the rules and guidance for Sportshall Competition activity and this can be used in helping prepare the children to take part in the track races of a Sportshall Primary or Secondary Competition. Download HERE


Are there lesson plans available?

We are in the process of creating some sample lesson plans. A good point to start would be delivering Sportshall Awards activity (details HERE), which engages the whole class in at least 5 standard Sportshall events with each pupil receiving their own individual Award Level. There are also some good ideas for Sportshall and Athletics based activities in our publications – HERE.


Are there risk assessments available?

Full Risk Assessments for Equipment & Venues are available on our website. You can view the Risk Assessments HERE 


Where can I buy equipment for Sportshall Athletics?

Eveque Leisure Equipment Ltd manufacture and supply all the official Sportshall Athletics products as well as a wide range of other sports equipment. You can buy online HERE or email info@eveque.co.uk or browse the catalogue HERE. Alternatively, please call the Eveque office on 01606 353 550.


Can I set up an account with Eveque for my school?

Yes, Eveque are able to set up accounts for any state school and most private schools.  Please either call or email Eveque for further details.


Are there any activities for Key Stage 1 (Age 4-7)?

Sportshall Infants has been developed specifically for use with KS1. As well as supporting the delivery of KS1 Festivals the programme and equipment (HERE) is designed to be used flexibly within curriculum time to enable teachers to deliver fun and variety filled Multi-Skills/PE sessions.


Do you have adapted activities for athletes with Disabilities?

Absolutely. All our Sportshall Competition activities can be fully adapted for use with all abilities. Details of our adaptations which are fully supported by England & British Athletics are available on our website – HERE.


I like Sportshall, do you have any new programmes/ideas?

Our most recent development is the World Marathon Challenge where groups of around thirty 11 and 12 year olds complete the Marathon Distance 200 metres at a time in relay format. Teams from all over the world complete the Challenge simultaneously and log their times at specific intervals to create an ever changing worldwide leaderboard. The date for this year is 7th October 2015 – for more information and to register your school/club please visit HERE. Additionally we have also recently launched the Med Ball Challenge which is a safe easy way to teach the key tenets of all Athletics throwing disciplines (Shot, Hammer, Javelin) and identify talented pupils. Details HERE.


How can I book the Sportshall Team for event delivery?

We would be delighted to speak to you about any potential bookings. Either call the office on 01606 353 550 to speak to one of the team or email team@sportshall.org and we will be able to confirm your booking.   Do the Sportshall Team deliver in schools? The Sportshall Team work very closely with School Games Organisers around the Country to deliver Level 2 and Level 3 Sportshall. The Team is increasingly delivering more events and activities for schools directly. Some of the most popular activities we deliver are Leadership Training, Sportshall Awards days, Inter-house Sportshall Competitions, Transition Festival and School Sports Days. For more information please contact the Team HERE.


Does the Sportshall Team deliver Young Leaders Courses and training?

Sportshall Athletics Leaders Course is a 2 hour workshop designed to provide all the skills and information required to deliver the Sportshall Athletics Awards and Sportshall Athletics Competition. The course can be tailored to Teachers, Young Leaders, Club Coaches and Volunteers. We would be happy to hear from you if you are interested in booking a Sportshall Leaders Course.


What do I do if the competition I organise is tied between 2 or more teams?

In the event of a tie (where teams need to be split to progress to future rounds the following processes of separation will be followed: 1 – All other teams removed from the scoring programme so only the tied teams will be judged against each other. If scores are still tied – 2 – All A first places compared (highest number wins). If scores are still tied – 3 – All B first places compared (highest number wins). If scores are still tied – 4 – All A second places compared etc, etc


Where are my results? I can’t find them!

The Sportshall Website will display results from all Sportshall UK Championships and Level 3 School Games Competitions delivered directly by the Sportshall Team. We will also upload and display results from County Leagues where results are provided to us. If the Sportshall Team delivered your event and you cannot find the results online please contact us for a copy. Currently we unfortunately do not have capacity to display results from Level 2 competitions and local schools events online. For Any other results we would suggest that you contact the Local Organiser of the event you attended in the hope they will be able to point you in the right direction.


What is the relationship between Sportshall Athletics & the Governing bodies across the UK?

As one of the key grassroots development programmes, the Sportshall Team work very closely with British Athletics and the Home Nation Athletics Governing Bodies to deliver and support the delivery of Sportshall across the UK. England Athletics have placed all Sportshall activities as priority competitions within the YST School Games Competition Framework.


I think my company might be interested in supporting Sportshall Athletics, is this possible?

Sportshall Athletics is the biggest School Sports programme in the UK with 2 million children accessing Sportshall activity annually. In addition, we have had national club-based championship running from 1984. There are currently opportunities including title rights available with both of these programmes plus a number of opportunities at a local level. To discuss sponsorship or for more information please contact tom@eveque.co.uk or 01606 353 550


Can I volunteer with Sportshall Athletics?

To see if there are any upcoming events in your area we would be happy to hear from you via team@sportshall.org. We are delivering events all over the UK and it is likely that we will be coming to a town near you soon. Alternatively should you wish for more regular volunteering opportunities in Sportshall Athletics there are many clubs and schools across the country who deliver Sportshall Athletics. It is advisable to contact local sports development officers or School Games Organisers to find out more for local opportunities.



What is the relationship between Sportshall Associates & Eveque Leisure Equipment Ltd?

Eveque Leisure Equipment Limited is the equipment manufacturer for Sportshall Athletics and was originally set up as a job creation unit in 1980. Sportshall Associates is Eveque’s not-for-profit sister company was set up in 2000.  Sportshall Associates works closely with the National Governing Bodies for Athletics to assist in the development of Sportshall and other athletics-based initiatives.  Sportshall Associates has a team of specialist Development Officers who are available to deliver events and training to both schools and clubs.


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