Primary (Age 7 - 11)

Primary School Athletics Resources

Primary Age Group Programmes –  (Age 7-11)  We offer support, resources and equipment for four Primary Age Group programmes. Each programme has been developed by working closely with children, teachers and experts in each field to provide fun, safe and educationally beneficial activities. On this page are links to our key Primary School Athletics Resources

Sportshall Primary (Age 7 - 11)

Sportshall is an exciting indoor programme of adapted athletics activities. Sportshall provides fun ways to build core skills, gain British Athletics Sportshall Awards and is renowned for its exhilarating team competitions. Sportshall is the top school sports participation competition in the UK.

Primary Endurance - (Age 7 - 11)

children's endurance activities

The Endurance programme offers focused children’s endurance activities that can be delivered without the need for specialist facilities for any group size. Using innovative activities, awards and competition components endurance activity can be used to improve the base fitness level for grassroots athletics and a wide variety of different sports. We offer full support and resources for the British Athletics Endurance Awards and exciting children’s endurance activities and competition events such as the World 5000m Challenge.

Primary Track and Field (Age 9 - 11)

high jump landing area

The skills of running, jumping and throwing are presented in a safe and fun way. The English Schools Athletic Association Track and Field Awards form the core of this programme with innovative training and competition formats ideally suited for the primary ages. The ESAA Awards scheme has now superseded the old British Athletics Award for Track and Field Athletics in England. All the equipment to engage in the programme (including high jump landing area, vortex howlers, hurdles) can be bought directly from Eveque at the link to the right of this page.

Primary Highland Games (Age 7 - 11)

Schools Highland Games

The Highland Games is a fun and exciting introduction to Celtic competition. The schools Highland Games grassroots development programme comprises 8 events that can be used for individual skills building, gaining awards or exciting team competition. Developed by Sportshall Creator George Bunner MBE in Partnership with Highland Games Champion Graeme Allan, the schools Highland Games programme has been successfully used as the field events section of the AAAs Tom Pink relays since 2010.

Med Ball Challenge Schools

Schools Throwing Activity


The Med Ball Challenge Page for clubs can be found by clicking here

 The Med Ball Challenge is a fun-filled selection of Medicine Ball throws aimed at providing a well-rounded experience of throwing, heaving and launching for all age groups and all stages of development, but particularly used as a schools throwing activity and within grassroots athletics.



 Forward Pitch


To highlight the valuable contribution that can be made by the legs to a throwing activity.


A two handed forward throw utilizing the legs and trunk.



Chest Push


To push the ball as far as possible.


In this standing throw the participant pushes a weighted ball with both hands from the chest into a pre-measured throwing area. This is a good introduction to the push technique use in the shot put event. This technique is also used in Basketball and Netball where it is known as the chest pass.

chest push


Soccer Throw


An overhead throw using the back and legs to propel the ball.


A two handed throw where the participant starts facing the direction of the throw. This event uses the whole body in a basic ‘pull’ technique which is a good training exercise for javelin throwers, soccer players, tennis players and several other ball games.

soccer throw


Overhead  Heave


To power the ball over the head using the whole body to generate maximum momentum.


This is a two handed over the head power throw which is a full body exercise. If done correctly the ball should travel further than the distances achieved in the other throws. It develops the ability to combine the maximum contribution from all the parts of the body into a single action.

overhead heave


Shoulder Fling


To heave the ball over a shoulder having generated acceleration and created a long radius around the body.


A two handed reversed throw where the participant keeps their back to the direction of the throw. this event uses the whole body in a basic rotational technique which is used in several throwing events and is relevant to movements in some ball games.

the shoulder fling

All these throws can be delivered as separate schools throwing activity sessions or all at once as the Med Ball Challenge

Primary PE Premium

School Sports Premium

The Primary School Sports Premium funding implemented in September 2013 has given primary schools the freedom, for the first time, to invest in PE and school sport based on the need and demand of their individual school and the local community.

This School Sports Premium funding is ring-fenced to be invested in a manner that ensures the biggest impact and sustainability.
Through Sportshall Athletics, this could include:

– Purchasing equipment to enable delivery of the nationally recognised Sportshall Awards Programme
– Purchasing Badges & Certificates to ensure young people are rewarded for their progress and personal development
– Provision of service delivery for School Sports Days, Sportshall Athletics or Track & Field Awards.
– Teacher Training & Athletics CPD opportunities .
– Sports Leadership training for students
– Provide links with schools, clubs and coaches to establish pathways for gifted and talented young people to progress in sport as athletes, officials or volunteers outside of school.

Resources are FREE & available for all the Sportshall programmes at and are updated annually. For further information please contact us on and we will provide your school with as much support as possible.

We are committed to supporting schools and all of their pupils achieve their potential. Should you wish to speak to the team please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

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