World 5000m Challenge

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The Eveque Sportshall Development Team have developed a set of annual international relay / schools endurance competitions. This incorporates both the World Marathon Challenge (suggested for Secondary aged students) and the 5000m Challenge (for Primary aged children).

Students from all over the world will compete to break (and set!) new World Records over the Marathon and 5000m distances!




We know schools have busy schedules so this year we are keeping these clubs and schools endurance competitions open until 14th June. Simply pick a date that suits and run.

Our official Launch week will be the week commencing 8th October 2018.

Our Finals week will be the week commencing 10th June 2019.

The opportunity exists to utilise the Finals week as a second trial with your team competing against their time set earlier in the year.




The event is for teams of children aged 7 to 11 on the day of the event.

The minimum team size is 10 children with each team member running 5 times over a 100m distance. No child should run more than 5 times.

There is however, no maximum team size so all the children in your class can be in the team or why not divide the class into different teams to create an exciting competition.

For children who don’t wish to run there are other ways in which they can be involved acting as team managers, timekeepers, etc. (see diagram for details)

Teams can either be mixed (a minimum of 5 Boys or 5 Girls to qualify as a mixed team) or all girls and all boys and there is also a category for ‘any age’ if younger or older children wish to take part.

In addition to school teams, teams are welcome to enter from other organisations such as the scouting movement and youth clubs.



The 5000 metre distance is divided into 50 sections of 100 metres each.

Each team member completes one 100 metre section before passing the baton to the next runner.

Each runner completes a maximum of 5 sections.

Runners should wear race numbers to identify their position in the relay sequence.



For information on how to take part in the World 5000m Challenge please visit the Competition Centre (link at the side of the page).