UK Championship Fixtures


Sportshall UK Championship Fixtures 2020

All events, unless stated otherwise will start at 12.30pm with team access from 11.30am

Sportshall Fun in Athletics Regional Festivals 2020

26th Jan 2020

South West (N) 


1st Mar 2020

West Midlands (10.30am)

North Solihull LC

22nd Mar 2020

South East (10.30am)

The Triangle LC 

Combined Fun in Athletics Festival & Sportshall Regional Finals 2020

19th Jan 2020

East Combined 

Uni of Essex, Colchester

8th Feb 2020

North East Combined 

Temple Park LC

16th Feb 2020

North West Combined 


1st Mar 2020

Yorkshire Combined 

North Bridge LC

15th Mar 2020

East Midlands Combined 

Grantham Meres

21st Mar 2020

South West Combined 

Torbay LC

Sportshall Regional Finals 2020

1st Mar 2020

West Midlands (2.30pm)          

North Solihull LC

8th Mar 2020 

Welsh Final

Cwmbran SC

22nd Mar 2020  

South East  (2.30pm)                     

The Triangle LC

Sportshall UK Final 2020

18th Apr 2020                 EIS, Sheffield