Sportshall Secondary

The Sportshall Secondary Programme builds on the Primary experience and offers ideal solutions to the challenges of intra – schools athletics competitions and the retention of young people in competitive school sport following transition. Recommended and endorsed by England Athletics, the programme offers opportunity for progression to county and regional finals.

Programme Overview
Sportshall Secondary retains an emphasis on team competition whilst also encouraging athletes to develop individually. The focus on key skills, coupled with the inclusion of individual races and the addition of shot putt reinforce the relevance of Sportshall for those athletes preparing for the outdoor season. Standard formats are recommended for Years 7 and 8.

Partnership Activity
Each Partnership is encouraged to stage an annual series of schools athletics competitions on a league basis prior to the leading schools progressing to a County Final. Full resources to support this are available as downloads to the right of this page and include:

·         Sportshall Secondary competition format and programme
·         Competition rules and guidance notes
·         Sample Teamsheets, Scoresheets and support for the scoring of events
·         Guidance for local event organisers

Partnerships across London have made significant progress in establishing leagues and Sportshall has become a most significant feature in their inter – schools athletics competitions calendars.

Sportshall Secondary County and Regional Finals
With the on-going development of Sportshall Secondary programmes, the Sportshall Team is supporting the staging of county and regional finals. Each Partnership is invited to nominate its leading school teams to participate in the County Final, with the winning teams progressing to the Regional Final. The strength of Sportshall within the athletics club setting, coupled with the opportunities for county representation in the Sportshall UK Championships, provides a great stimulus to develop competitive opportunities for the Secondary age groups.

Competition Results

In the event of a tie (where teams need to be split to progress to future rounds, ie from the county final to the regional final) the following processes of separation will be followed:

1 – All other teams removed from the scoring programme so only the tied teams will be judged against each other. If scores are still tied –

2 – All A first places compared (highest number wins). If scores are still tied –

3 – All B first places compared (highest number wins). If scores are still tied –

4 – All A second places compared etc, etc

Support Services
The Sportshall Team offer a broad range of services designed to support the delivery of Sportshall in the curriculum and across a School Sport Partnership. Whether it’s a free planning session, teacher training, support in developing Sports Leaders, delivering schools athletics competitions or the implementation of a complete development programme, the team are ready to assist.