World Marathon Challenge Glasgow

The first event of the UK World Marathon Challenge 2013 took place today at Scotstoun Stadium in Glasgow. Three teams took part, two from Kelvinside Academy and one from St Andrew’s School. Mike Summers from Save the Children said ‘It was a fantastic event, very exciting to see Kelvinside 1 setting a new Celtic Record, beating the Marathon World Record and to witness two very respectable performances from St Andrews and Kelvinside 2’.

British Team & 800m world semi finalist Laura Muir was also on site to encourage the competitors and present some well earned medals.

Event organiser George Bunner said that all the teams tried exceptionally hard and he really enjoyed the day, he also complimented the teachers from both schools noting how well organised they were and offered a big thanks to Save The Children and Scottish Athletics for all their support. Neil Mathers from Save the Children Scotland and Liz Francis from Scottish Athletics were both on site to support the teams.


The Final Results:


World Marathon Challenge results Glasgow
World Marathon Challenge results Glasgow




The full results with checkpoint times can be viewed at


Einning Team Kelvinside Academy
Winning Team Kelvinside Academy