School Games Pentathlon

The School Games Pentathlon is the ideal Personal Best Challenge and a national virtual competition aimed to connect young people across the Country in a common goal.

Many Counties are already signed up to engage in the School Games Pentathlon and we hope many more will follow. If your area or County is not taking part teachers are welcome to send their completed spreadsheets back to for inclusion in the National Leaderboards.

We are hosting separate National team virtual competitions for Y3&4. Y5&6, Y7&8 Girls and Y7&8 Boys. The competitions will be open throughout the entire academic year.

• Each student will take part in Standing Long Jump, Speed Bounce, Shuttle Run, Vertical Jump and Chest Push (or 5 events selected locally) within their bubbles on their own school site.
• The spreadsheet will automatically generate a Virtual Competition score based on the Top 3 Boys and Top 3 Girls performances in each of the 5 events.
• The Virtual Competition score will then be submitted to your local SGO.

SGOs can request a copy of the sample form below.